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Service Department
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945 Chestnut St.
Emmaus, PA 18049
Auto Sales Department
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About Us

12 Month/12,000 Mile Warranty

We believe so strongly in our work that we provide our customers with a one year and 12,000 mile warranty (whichever comes first) on repairs and labor, excluding wearable items (ie. brakes or clutch discs).

Doing Business Since 2008 / Owner on Site

Safari Automotive Sales & Service in Emmaus PA has been owned and operated by Ali Rizvi since 2008. Our location was formerly the Jim Chestnut St. Station. We provide quality auto repairs and used cars sales in Emmaus, Allentown, Bethlehem and surrounding areas.

Ali and his family has been in the automotive industry for 30 plus years. He continues to train and educate himself and his employees on the ever-advancing world of automobiles. Ali, is on-site and available to our customers everyday. He enjoys talking and getting to know each and everyone of you and your vehicles. Feel free to ask to speak with him any time.

We Are A Full-Service Repair Shop

Your Friendly Neighborhood Complete Automotive Repair & Tire Services:
Whether it’s a simple oil change or a more comprehensive repair, there is only one standard of service at Safari Automotive Service – we strive for complete automotive repair service excellence. Today's vehicles are extremely sophisticated machines with computer-controlled electronics and components that are working to keep the engine operating efficiently. Our job is to keep your vehicle performing the way the factory designed it to perform. We can provide repair or maintenance service you need on any foreign or domestic automobile you own. We help protect your investment by keeping your car running safely and efficiently. We take preventative maintenance seriously and give you the best advice on how to maintain your vehicle for its lifetime. If your automobile is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, we can perform the periodic maintenance. When we do, we’ll let you know if there’s a problem that needs to be fixed by the dealer. Repairs on automobiles with extended warranties are no problem for us to handle either.

Competitive Pricing

As a top-tier, independent service repair facility, we pride ourselves on our competitive prices and the tremendous value that we bring to our customers. However, quality is our most important mission. "Car Care That Never Quits” is out motto.

Same Day Service For Most Repairs and Maintenance

We realize the importance of having transportation and that is why we make every possible effort to get your vehicle back to you on the same day. Our goal is to get your vehicle into the shop in the morning and get it back to you by 5:00 pm at the latest. Obviously there are situations and repairs that require more time than one day and in those cases we give our customers plenty of time to prepare. We also help in arranging a rental (when needed) with Enterprise at a discounted rate.

Early Bird / Night Drop Form

For your convenience, we have an early bird/night owl drop box for those of you who cannot bring your vehicle in during normal business hours. Below is a form for you to fill out when leaving your vehicle and keys. Please fill out the form completely and remember to include your keys when you use our convenient security drop-box. Click here for Printer-Friendly Form

Best Quality Parts and Fluids

While many shops may cut any corner they can to increase their profits, we don't sacrifice your safety and peace of mind with inferior products. We know you demand our work to be done right and you want to depend on it. We accomplish this by using OEM parts ( where applicable) and parts sourced directly from auto parts manufacturers, for your auto repairs and maintenance needs.

Quality Equipment

Having the right equipment is extremely important. It allows us to diagnose and repair your vehicle properly, the first time. Safari Automotive has invested in the same equipment the dealership has, so that we may service your vehicle like the manufacturer has recommended... and also give you the quality service only an independent repair shop can.

Free WiFi and Special Blend Chai (Tea)

Have work you need to do while waiting on your car? No problem. Safari Automotive offers free WiFi so you can spend your time responding to emails or catching up with long-lost friends. No time is wasted time. Before you know it, you are caught up and your car is ready to go. Plus ask about our special chai.

Personable, Friendly Service

Car repair is probably not the most exciting thing on your to-do list. We like to make it a little more bearable by welcoming you by name, getting to know you with some conversation and sending you on your way with a smile. We'll follow-up with you throughout the day and greet you with a smile when your day is over and you're ready to pick up your car. Service does not stop when your vehicle leaves; we follow-up with your service when your car is gone, remind you when service/recommendations are due and we look forward to picking up where we left off with our last conversation on your next visit.

Our service facility is also taking many steps forward in helping keep our environment clean. We have started the process of reducing and/or eliminating the harmful effects on the environment from our shop. This process is important for future generations and starts with us.
Unfortunately, like many businesses, the nature of an auto repair business comes with some consequences to the environment. We use electricity, gas, and some hazardous waste material. But, we do things to help minimize the effects of these things in our shop:


Our shop keeps our large bay doors open to allow enough light in without using overhead lighting. Additionally, we use efficient T5 Bi-Pin Fluorescent lighting throughout the shop and offices.
We use hydraulic lifts that only use electricity when raising or lowering the vehicles.
We use a high efficiency air compressor to serve air to our tools throughout the shop.
Our computers utilize power saving features to minimize the power and we have switched over to flat panel monitors throughout the shop because they only use about 20% of the electricity.
Our shops participated in E-power programs

Hazardous Waste Materials:

All spills are cleaned up immediately with special rags and stored in a container. The container is picked up by a dedicated hazardous waste that extracts the chemicals and sends it out for recycling when possible.
As an additional measure to eliminate waste into the environment from spills that can’t be avoided, we have installed special collectors at the perimeter of the shop. These special collectors grab the oils and other waste and contain the spills. Then the collectors can be given to hazardous waste handlers for recycling when possible.
We have invested heavily into quality equipment that captures fluids from all of the fluid flushes performed on your vehicles. Coolant/Anti-freeze, transmission fluid, brake fluid and air conditioner refrigerant chemicals are cared for with high regard. The equipment we utilize are made to minimize and eliminate the chemical affects on our environment.
The fluids are stored in containers for the recyclers to pickup. We go the extra step and keep the containers in a second backup container in case of a leak or damage to the primary container.
We are very conscientious about all fluid wastes. When possible they are sent to be recycled or picked up for proper handling by waste handlers.


We shred and recycle all of our paper products.
We separate our garbage from our recyclable products such as bottles, cans, cardboard, etc.
We recycle all scrap metal from old parts and equipment, rather than just disposing in the garbage.

As you can see, we are serious about the environment and will continue to work hard to lessen our impact on the environment

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